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Wall Fan   

The 450mm Solent BLDC Converted-Frequency wall fan is the energy saving solution you have been looking for! It is simle to install, easy to operate and comes with a 3 year no nonsense warranty.
The Solent wall fan is driven by a 4-43 watt motor, with 6 speed functions.
This oscillating wall fan covers a large area to ensure total air circulation.

The Solent wall fan is perfect for commercial, industrial and residential use.


Features & Benefits
  • Intelligent touch key switch - 6 speed settings.
  • Fully sealed motor housing to protect the motor & extend motor life.
  • Power consumption: 4 -43 watt. Save electricity by 50-80%
  • Oscillating easily controlled by touch key switch.
  • Elevation angle easily adjusted for best air direction.
  • Air delivery up to 9 metres.
  • Sleep easy with low noice: 10-33dBi
  • Safety -Intelligent protection: If the motor or blade becomes entangled, it will pulse 1-10 times & automatically cut off the power. This will prevent electricity from being conducted to surrounding objects. The fan will have to be unplugged and re-plugged before for it to be turned on again.
  • Available in black & white.