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A 230mm down rod is included with every ceiling fan. You can purchase separately, longer down rods up to 6 metres long.

Down Rods Available In All Colours
Available Sizes
     To Add Multiple Lengths
Available Colours
     Antique Bronze     Antique Gold
     Antique Silver     Biscuit
     Black     Blue Slate
     Brown     Brushed Silver
     Canvas Green     Flamingo Pink
     French White     Golden Board
     Gun Metal     Matt White
     Radar Green     Shabby Chic






Available Sizes
     Brush Alumin 450mm
     Brush Alumin 500mm
     Brush Alumin 900mm
     Brush Alumin 1.0M
     Brush Alumin 1.5M
     Brush Alumin 2.0M
     Brush Alumin 2.5M
     Brush Alumin 3.0M
     Brush Alumin 3.5M
     Brush Alumin 4.0M
     Brush Alumin 4.5M
     Brush Alumin 5.0M
     Brush Alumin 5.5M
     Brush Alumin 6.0M
Available Colours
     Brushed Aluminium
     Brushed Aluminium Black
     Brushed Aluminium Matt White
Brushed Downrods


How can I calculate the length down rod required?  

For safety reasons the fan blades should not be lower than 2300mm above floor level. The fan blades can be higher than 2300mm.

The formula for calculating down rod length is:   

Floor to ceiling height  minus 2300mm (min blade height regulation from floor) minus 110mm (motor Measurement) minus 60mm(hanging shackle) equals Down rod length.                                                                                                                                                                              

If you require the fan to be higher than 2300mm above the floor substitute the 2300mm in the formula with the desired height: Floor to ceiling height minus 3000mm(desired height from floor) minus 110mm minus 60mm equals Down Rod length.